Strange Loop Gallery Proudly presents:

Periphery Projects
curated by Sara Jimenez and Jade Yumang
Periphery Projects is a performance series, co-curated by Sara Jimenez and Jade Yumang, to promote artists who use performance as a way to strategize outside perspectives and create new language and space to counter linear history.
This will be the third and last installment of the series, held at Strange Loop Gallery.

After Life
Performance by Michael Watson
Duration: 1 hour Interactive with the audience

“After Life is part of an ongoing body of work where I am exploring rice as a substitute for the body. This concept was strongly influenced by a rare Buddhist ritual called the Sky Burial. The Sky Burial consists of a Buddhist monk or rogyapas (body breaker) dismembering and preparing a corpse to be eaten by vultures and other wildlife on top of a sacred mountain site. The Vajrayana Buddhists believe that the body is only an empty vessel after the soul departs through death. These practices are seldom but still exercised in parts of Tibet, China and Mongolia.
            Through this performance, I want to explore beliefs in afterlife and corporeality, comparing the physicality of the body and the physicality of the soul. Rice has many qualities that possess both practical and spiritual implications. Rice is a multicultural and economically diverse food that has worldwide benefits yet at the same time is an individualʼs source of sustenance and life. For that reason, I see a lot of potential to connect through my work across a wide range of cultures and ideologies.”
Michael Watson was born in Knoxville, TN. He received his BFA in painting from the Art Academy of Cincinnati (2006) and MFA from Parsons The New School of Design (2013). Watson work has been exhibited throughout the US including New York, Ohio and California; and internationally in Canada and China. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


Performance by Kris Grey
Duration: 30 minutes
Untitled is a live performance concerned with destabilizing the gender binary and disrupting the notion of bodies as static, unchanging, and fixed.
“My practice interrogates systems of power through the lens of gender. I often use my body as both the object of my work as well as the vehicle for its display. I see performance as a means to make visible that which usually remains shadowed, to challenge power dynamics between surveyor and surveyed, and to produce new models of being and doing gender in the world. My work contends with past and present in the gallery, theater, and public space. I am particularly interested in inter-generational trauma, masculinity and vulnerability.”
Kris Grey/Justin Credible is a Brooklyn based gender queer artist whose work exists at the intersection of communication, activism, community building, storytelling, lecture, and studio production in mediums two dimensional, three dimensional, and time based. Grey earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Ohio University. They perform, teach, and exhibit work internationally. Grey was a 2012 Fire Island Artist Residency recipient, the resident artist for the 2012 ANTI Festival for Contemporary Art in Kupoio, Finland, and a teaching artist in 2013 at The International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts in Brussels, Belgium.


PS: This is also the last event at our gallery: we will be closing our doors April 1st, so don't miss it!