Strange Loop Gallery owner Claire Fleury shares her perspective on the Gallery show featuring the photography of Danish lesbian photographer Goodyn Green, September 2013.

Photo by Goodyn Green
Photo from the series The Catalog by Goodyn Green.

Goodyn Green – The Catalog at Strange Loop Gallery in New York

Goodyn Green is a queer feminist photographer, born in Aalborg, Denmark 1979. She graduated as an art and history primary school teacher from N. Zahles College of Education in Copenhagen in 2005, but after 2 years of teaching she decided to move to Berlin to focus on photography.

Since the first issue in 2009, Goodyn has been the main photographer of Berlin based Bend Over Magazine. The same magazine presented Greens first photo collection, The Catalog, with erotic images of androgynous looking queer women inspired by poses from classic gay porn magazines. At Goodyn Green’s website you can photos from her series The Catalog. Her exhibition The Catalog at Strange Loop Gallery, in New York City originally running through June 30 will be extended for the month of July.

Green often has a strong feminist agenda in creating awareness of female sexuality as “aggressive” as the depicted male sexuality, – through pornographic and erotic portraits of queer women. Currently she is working on a portrait project with models who identify as women, but who are frequently mistaken for another gender, harassed or insulted in public or private. Through this Green wants to put a focus on the uncountable variations of female expressions. Furthermore she is busy photographing for her series The Logbook, a series of photographs of women in intimate moments seen through Green’s eyes as their lover or girlfriend.

Photo by Goodyn Green
Photo from the series The Catalog by Goodyn Green.

Photo by Goodyn Green
Photo from the series The Catalog by Goodyn Green.

Photo by Goodyn Green
Photo from the series The Catalog by Goodyn Green.

At Goodyn Green’s website you can photos from her series The Catalog and a body of work titled Untitled Nudity.

Excerpt from the email newsletter ‘Leslie-Lohman Museum Recommends | June 2013 | Addendum’

Goodyn Green – Catalog

June 6-30
Opening reception: June 6, 6-9pm
Strange Loop Gallery, 27 Orchard Street, New York

Goodyn Green is born in Denmark and lives and works in Berlin, where she gets her inspiration from the queer scene. The Catalog is presented by Bend Over Magazine and was first published in November 2011, consisting of nude photos of queer women inspired by poses as seen in gay magazines.


















 Girls who like boys who like girls to be boys


The Berlin-based, Danish artist Goodyn Green (who’s show is now on at The Strange Loop Gallery and Bureau of General Services – Queer Division)

chats to us about her attraction to gay porn, women wearing men’s underwear and her sexy subjects. We are obsessed with her images, they really fuck with your ideas of attraction,

just try and not get a little turned on. We dare you.


When did you started taking photos?
If shooting my playmobil-and cindy dolls as a child doesn’t count, I guess I started in the beginning of my twenties, but focused more on it, after I moved to Berlin in 2007.

How would you identify in regard to sexual orientation and gender identity / what’s your preferred gender pronoun?
I’m lesbian and a woman (she).

How did you get the idea to photograph women in poses from gay magazines?
I’ve always been drawn by and attracted to gay porn in general, but also provoked by how easily and with so much pride they get to expose their naked bodies — I wanted to see women posing like that.

What magazine(s) did you draw the inspiration from?
A really nice magazine called ‘Kink‘ from Barcelona and typical gay porn magazines.

What do you think is the relationship to masculinity in gay versus lesbian communities?
I guess the gay communities in some ways tend to celebrate a more old fashioned and traditional raw masculinity, which can be hard to break out of.
In lesbian communities there are also traditional masculinities and femininities being expressed, especially through the butch/femme scene.
However, over the last couple of years more and more former identified butch women seem to take the step to transitioning. In my opinion,
the traditional masculinity in general takes up way too much space in society. I’d rather be talking about the hundreds of ways to express femininity and womanhood, and then how to soften the macho.


Who are some important influences on your work, artistically and intellectually?

The queers in my community influence me a lot, both artistically and intellectually.
And my inspiration I often get from different situations I experience in everyday life. Like things that provoke me, or where I feel there is a lack of knowledge or awareness. 

   How do you meet your models?
   Most of my models are friends, or friends of friends. Or occasional hook-ups


   Do you have sex with your models?
   Of course!.. That’s part of the deal…


Where do you take most of your photos?
In Berlin. For ‘The Catalog‘ I got to shoot in Paris, London, Barcelona and New York too. And for my next print project, ‘
The Logbook’
I’m shooting the models in their homes, and so far that has been in Berlin, only one in New York, but hopefully I get to travel a bit for this project too.

Have you considered shooting men in poses from lesbian magazines? Nope. Not yet.